娘十二ヶ月揃之内 八月
1984年 77.5cm×26.0cm/版数21版/摺刷23度
大判錦絵竪二枚継 (おおばん にしきえ たて にまいつなぎ)

August, Yuugao no Yume
(Dream of Bottle Gourd)
On a summer afternoon, a girl is taking a nap in an upstairs room, her lips parted slightly. Above her is a thunderhead. A fan has slipped from her hand. One can imagine the girl looking as neat as a bottle gourd when she rises from the nap. Her indigo - dyed light cotton kimono carries the scent of bottle gourd flowers.
Number of blocks: 21 Printed in 23 runs
Size: equivalent to 2 sheets of large-sized nishiki-e,
lined up lengthwise