Shusui Taki A unique artist creating ukiyo-e in traditional woodblick prints

Shusui Taki   A unique artist creating ukiyo-e in traditional woodblick prints
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Going This Way Single-heartedly
Three souls interact to make one painting.

Creating ukiyo-e is a collaborative effort among an artist, a wood-carver, and a printer, and usually requires several hands. This inevitably causes a gap from the original art, no matter how faithfully it is reproduced: some of the finest strokes of the brush, the most delicate curves, and subtlest sensitivity are lost.
Shusui's ukiyo-e solves this problem beautifully - he does all three jobs himself! Doing everything for himself lets him retain all the sensitivities of the original image and reproduce them in the woodblock print.
Everyone has a heart.
From time to time in life,
It grows big, or small, or broad, or narrow,
Straight or curved, high or low,
Beautiful or ugly, strong or weak,
Deep or shallow, bright or dark,
Depicting the many states of mind of a single person.
These states are inextricably entwined with each other and never at rest.

Shusui's woodblock prints, however, work beautifully to still the restless heart of the viewer.
It's as if your heart were returning home, restored at its very center.
As you gaze appreciatively at the images of beauty,
Before you know it, you start to feel the beauty gazing at and caressing you,
You nearly forget your existence.
It's such a mystical moment.
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The Printing Process
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